Case ID: 1729

Title: N/A

First name: Yicel

Last name: Pérez Guzmán

Suffix: N/A

Aliases: N/A

Name also reported as: N/A

Age: 31

Gender: Female

Date of Birth: Day:10 / Month:11 / Year:1974

Civil Status: Unknown

Date of death/disappearance: Day:20 / Month:8 / Year:2006

Citizenship: Cuba

Last known address: Km 92 ¬Ĺ Carretera Central, Entronque Las Ovas, C.P.A. Rafael Morales

Last known city: N/A

Last known province-TOD: N/A

Last known province current: Pinar del Río

Last known country: Cuba

Location death-address: N/A

Location of death - city: N/A

Location of death province - at TOD: N/A

Location of death province - current: N/A

Location of death - country: Saint Lucia

Trial held?: No

Docket Number: N/A

Sentence details: N/A

Arrest or detention at time of death: No

Date of arrest: N/A

Imprisoned/Detained: Location: N/A

How long imprisoned/detained: N/A

Death attributed to: Castro regime

Death attribution detail: N/A

Associated Event: N/A

Case description: Sources: Conflict of Evidence:

Violation Status: Reported: Highly likely / Highly reliable source(s)

Cause of Death: - Disappearance: in exit attempt

Occupations: N/A

External Files: N/A

Relatives in Archive: N/A

Victim Type: - Attempting exit

Affiliations: N/A

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